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Design a new greeting card for the University of Melbourne

Call for entries

2020 Winner Yu Li (Christy)

Theme: Optimism

'More connected than ever'

Designed by Yu Li (Christy), First Year Master of Marketing

Christy winner

Image of winning entry

Students, want to win $500?

Get creative and design a greeting card for University of Melbourne staff. Enter our competition to go in the running to win a cash prize of $500 and have your design featured as part of our yearly range of bespoke greeting cards.

Given that we’ve all been studying and working from home this year, the winning entry will initially be available in digital design for University staff to send to their stakeholders. When campus reopens next year, we’ll produce it in hard copy for University staff, students and visitors to the Pop Up Shop at Gate 10.

Depict your submission in a creative way in any 2D medium: photographs, watercolour paintings, sketches, digital design, screen printing. In fact anything that’s able to be able to be reproduced as a greeting card.

You’ll also need to provide a 50-word summary of how your design fits the theme.

Design brief

Theme: Optimism

The theme for this year’s season’s greeting card is ‘Optimism’.

We hardly need explain why, working our way through and coming out of this year of the great pandemic, we’ve chosen this theme!

As we all look forward to coming together again on campus, we’re asking you to visualise what makes you feel optimistic about the future and articulate ways that, as members of the University of Melbourne community, we can help make the world a better place for all.

Thought starters

  • What is special about studying at the University of Melbourne?
  • How does campus life stimulate your sense of connectedness?
  • How optimistic are you that your studies at the University of Melbourne to help you make the world a better place?

Entries are limited to one (1) per person. You may enter by completing the form below and attaching your artwork as specified.

Before you apply, please ensure you have read the Guidelines and Terms and Conditions below.

When applying please provide the following details:

  • Full name of artist
  • Title of work / caption
  • Materials (if appropriate)
  • Year of creation
  • Dimensions (provide Height x Width in mm)
  • Include a paragraph (50 word limit) describing your artwork. This should cover: what it is, what inspired you and how it is inspired by the theme
  • Include the artwork as an image file (TIFF or JPEG) with high enough resolution for print reproduction. Maximum file size 30MB. The recommended image resolution for offset and digital print is 300 DPI at A6 size (105 x 148mm) or 1800x1300 pixels in landscape or portrait.
  • Note:
    • Your image/s may be cropped or resized to suit different platforms for communications purposes.
    • Image may be scaled to fit and must be suitable for the following proportions:
      • Horizontal: 105mm (width) x 148mm(height)
      • Vertical: 105mm (height) x 148mm (wide)
  • Exhibition:
    • Your image/s may be displayed online in a virtual exhibition after or during the judging period.

The artwork must:

  • be in any 2D medium for example, photography, watercolour painting, pencil sketch, digital design, screen print
  • be original and belong to the entrant
  • align with the brief and the University’s brand values
  • be non-denominational
  • not contain photographic images of identifiable people
  • not contain typeface or fonts
  • be able to be adapted or adjusted to suit the specifications of the final printed card
  • be supplied in a format that can be reproduced to a high quality


Sponsorship and Filming Coordinator, Rachel Cummins (rcummins@unimelb.edu.au) or Brand Coordinator, Susannah Woodward (woodwards@unimelb.edu.au).

2020 Winner Yu Li (Christy)

Christy winner

Theme: Optimism

'More connected than ever'

Design by Yu Li (Christy), First Year Master of Marketing

In this, the year of the great pandemic, we asked our students to design a greeting card that exemplifies optimism. We asked them to visualise what makes them feel hopeful about the future and articulate ways that, as members of the University of Melbourne community, we can help make the world a better place for all.

For Christy, Zoom illustrates how we’ve spent university life this year. “Though we’re separated physically, we bonded tighter as a virtual community,” says Christy. “University of Melbourne students and staff cooperate and trust each other, and this is the source of our optimism and bravery.”

Image of winning entry

2019 Winner Sze Yat Yu (Sophia)

2019 Winner

Theme: The world's contracted thus

‘Intertwine of Place and Time’

Design by Sze Yat Yu (Sophia), First Year Bachelor of Arts

We asked our students to design a greeting card that reflects the unique perspectives of the University of Melbourne’s iconic buildings. Sophia Sze’s interpretation perfectly answered the design brief and strikingly captures what makes the University such a special place to live, work and study.

The design theme was inspired by The Sun Rising, John Donne’s iconic Elizabethan love poem to his mistress: “In that the world’s contracted thus.

To warm the world, that’s done in warming us.

Shine here to us, and thou art everywhere;

This bed thy center is, these walls, thy sphere.”

For Sophia, The world’s contracted thus was interpreted on multiple levels. The Old Arts building (with clock tower and arch) rises above the modern city skyline, with other iconic University locations illustrated as a contractedworld within, depicting an intertwine in time.

2019 Card Winner

The judging panel will be looking for unique artwork that reflects the theme.

The winning submission as judged by the panel will receive $500 Prepaid Visa card.

Note: the University may publish the winner's name on the University's social media channels and Staff Hub, Staff News and other University communications channels for promotional purposes.

Applications close at 11.59pm Monday 26 October (Applications have closed for 2020)

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Must be a current University of Melbourne student
Eg. Digital photograph, watercolour on canvas, graphite sketch on paper
This refers to the dimensions of the original artwork
Please upload your image file with a high-enough resolution suitable for print reproduction. (TIFF or JPEGs preferred) Maximum filesize 30mb

If you have any questions or queries about using the brand, please contact the Brand team.