Advertising guidelines

It is essential that we all view advertising away from the University context and think about how we are perceived externally – as one University.

The University of Melbourne advertising guidelines provide advice on how to maintain consistency across all University advertising and advertising campaigns.

Advertising categories

University advertising is broken into three groups:

  1. Campaign advertising is defined as major brand-building advertising activity such as student recruitment campaigns or events such as Open Day, the Believe campaign or Cultural Collisions.
  2. Functional advertising is defined as informative, short-term activity such as HR recruitment advertising, calls for research participants, public lectures or one-off faculty recruitment events.
  3. Digital advertising is defined as anything created for use on-line such as animated/rotating banners created as part of an advertising campaign or functional advertisement.

Advertising guidelines

Our advertising guidelines outline how to represent the University brand in your advertising material, including:

  • Definitions of the different types of advertising produced across the University.
  • Elements of the design system that must be included when producing advertising.
  • Information on how to correctly represent the University's brand within campaign advertisements.
  • Tips for creating effective digital advertising.
  • Examples of campaign, functional and digital advertisements.

Advertising guidelines

Campaign case study

Our Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences advertising case study showcases best practice approach to campaign management.

Utilising the strengths of the new University advertising guidelines, the case study explores the depths of the Health at Melbourne campaign from setting campaign objectives, exploring the creative concept to testing and examining campaign results.

View case study (pdf)

For more information on creating advertising campaigns, booking media and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), please contact the University's Advertising team (staff access only).

If you have any questions or queries about using the brand, please contact the Brand team.