What is the aperture device?

The aperture (square) device is a component of the University’s design system. It is a flexible viewing portal or window for visual content.

aperture device

The purpose of the aperture is to direct the viewer’s attention to a specific topic that is the focus of a document or piece of communication.

You must use one aperture or one set of focus marks in your design.

While the most straight-forward use of the aperture is as a simple square, they may be arranged right next to each other or layered to create a myriad of layouts. They may also sit on an angle of 15°, -15°, 30° or -30° to create a dynamic layout.

aperture example


aperture example


Guidelines are provided for assistance with using apertures, including:

  • Appropriate use within the University design system
  • Page layout
  • Size and angles of rotation
  • Colour use
  • Examples of aperture use
  • Using the focus marks and aperture together

Aperture guidelines (PDF)

If you have any questions or queries about using the brand during this transition period, please contact the Brand team.