Commercialisation guidelines

Commercialisation within the University of Melbourne can take several different forms. It is defined as being the transfer of knowledge and discoveries to the broader community.

As soon as you become aware of any commercial focus to your activity you must consult with the Knowledge and Technology Transfer team.

Who do the Commercialisation  Guidelines apply to?

The guidelines apply to anyone starting or involved in a University activity that has:

  • a commercial intent or purpose
  • a funding agreement/arrangement that stipulates the activity must be commercialised
  • the end goal of being sold or
  • the potential to be sold or  commercialised.

Commercialisation Guidelines (staff only)

Who can I go to for help with commercialisation and branding?

The University’s Knowledge and Technology Transfer team works with the Legal and Risk, Brand and Faculty Business Development teams to provide researchers with guidance and assistance in the research, development and partnership continuum, including:

  • Supporting contracts and consultancy
  • Assistance in identifying and protecting intellectual property
  • Licensing and patenting
  • Assistance with spin-outs or start-ups
  • Legal advice on trade marking and copyright of names
  • Branding advice and compliance with the Brand Guidelines
  • Risk management
  • Logo development and creation of brand guidelines
  • Marketing, media and communications advice and assistance

If you have questions about how to brand your activity, please contact the Brand team ( You may be referred to RIC’s Knowledge and Technology Transfer team or the Legal and Risk team depending on the nature of your query.

If you have any questions or queries about using the brand, please contact the Brand team.