Designing for an audience

When designing for communications, your first thought should be, ‘Who is my audience?’

Layering apertures creates a contemporary look

Identifying the audience for your communication is crucial, as it helps you make decisions, not only regarding what to say, but how it should be visually presented.

The University of Melbourne’s design system is flexible enough that, using the same set of tools, you can design a communication that is suitable for a wide range of audiences, from the conservative and practical, to the creative and free-spirited. It is up to you to decide which design elements are appropriate for your audience.

Effective questions to ask

Will your audience understand and respond better to your course guide if it features a prominent University of Melbourne logo in the top left corner and a bold blue cover?

Or will your audience’s attention be drawn more with a provocative, creative headline or an image that encapsulates the spirit of the exhibition you’re advertising, with a University of Melbourne logo placed in the lower right corner to inform them that this event is presented by the University?

Manipulate or experiment with the overall look and feel within the brand design system.

Design transition examples

All University of Melbourne entities are able to retain a consistent and continuous look and feel whilst transitioning to the new design system.

View design transition examples

Design examples

This pull-up banner uses an aperture and layers along with focus marks to draw attention to written content. The entity is called out through the use of the identifier.
A full bleed image on this brochure cover creates impact when combined with a creative application of the brand font.
Focus marks applied right at the corners and in a brand colour are used to frame an attractive full bleed image.
Creative use of an illustration/icon within an aperture and strong use of brand colours makes an effective design.

If you have any questions or queries about using the brand, please contact the Brand team.