The Focus Marks

What are the focus marks?

The focus marks are a component of the University’s design system.

Focus marks are a flexible design device that provides a space with which to view subject matter and capture a shifting perspective across a piece of communications.

Your design needs to include one set of focus marks or one recognisable aperture.


How do I use the focus marks?

Focus marks are used to:

  • enclose an image
  • highlight a specific area on an image
  • enclose a piece of featured text, that says something intriguing or illuminating about the subject at hand
  • create a graphic device from a piece of information such as a pull-quote or feature fact

Focus marks are not used to:

  • enclose the title of a document
  • create a pattern
  • replace the need for an image on the cover of a document


Specific guidelines outline how to use the focus marks, including:

  • using the focus marks sparingly
  • appropriate placement
  • image use
  • sizing
  • layout and rotation
  • using the focus marks and aperture together
  • examples of what not do to

Focus marks guidelines (PDF)

If you have any questions or queries about using the brand during this transition period, please contact the Brand team.