Icons, illustrations and infographics

Icons, infographics and illustrations can be used to communicate a message quickly and simply.

They allow you to cut through the noise and get simple information across quickly.

Any new illustrations and infographics may be created with advice and approval from the Design team. The style should be derived from the linework present in the master logo, the identifier and all other areas of the University branding.

A range of University-approved icons, including social media icons, are available for use in web and print. You can download the icons as suite of images (png) or as a font (ttf) for use in your Office templates.

Icons (png)

Additional icons (png)

To insert or use these icons  as a font (ttf files only)

  1. Download the Event or Design icons, unzip and install as a custom font into your fonts folder
  2. Navigate to the 'Symbols' tab and click the small arrow beside 'Symbol'
  3. Click 'More symbols'
  4. Change the font name to "UoM-event-icons" or "Material-Design-Iconic-Font"
  5. Insert your chosen symbol/s (glyph) into your document

Event icons (ttf)

Design icons (open-source) (ttf)


Image 1 Work RemotelyNourish Your Mind ImageStay Positive ImageStay Connected Image


Tips for icons, illustrations and infographics

  • Illustrations can be placed inside the aperture device, combined with focus marks or used as a standalone element.
  • Illustration should not infringe on any of the clear space or legibility rules.
  • Where possible, use colours from the University of Melbourne colour palette.
  • Aim to keep any design work clean and simple with a fresh, light style.
  • Use University-approved open source icons or download the icons as images from the link above.

How do I use tables and charts?

  • Tables and charts can be used to convey and compare information clearly and concisely.
  • You should use the brand colour palette and choose complementary colours as outlined in the guidelines.

Tables, charts and infographics guidelines (PDF)

Heads up! Please use the Contents page hyperlinks to jump to the relevant section of the guidelines.

If you have any questions or queries about using the brand, please contact the Brand team.