What are linework patterns?

Linework patterns or patternwork are part of the University of Melbourne design system and offer an alternative to using imagery in a secondary layer of your design. The patterns have been created to reflect physical and spiritual values that are part of the University of Melbourne.



Patterns offer a wider scope for you to create a unique look within the design system guidelines.

When incorporating patterns into your design, you should:

  • use patterns within a coloured or transparent aperture.
  • use as a textual fill (at low opacity) in headline or information panels.


Guidelines provide further detailed advice on how to use patternwork, including:

  • creating custom patterns.
  • using patterns with the aperture and focus marks.
  • appropriate and inappropriate use.

Patternwork guidelines (PDF)

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Download patterns

Files are Adobe Illustrator compatible.

Discovery, Community, Knowledge, Learning

Fluiding, Strength, Structure, Movement

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