The University of Melbourne's Brand is overseen by the Brand Panel and governed by the Brand Policy (MPF1193). The brand policy states that all University of Melbourne staff and students, when using the logo/trademark, must comply with the Brand Guidelines to communicate a consistent, standard University visual identity.

On this page you will find information on:

  • University of Melbourne Brand Panel
  • Where to go for advice on unique logos and co-brands, one-off logo and brand requests
  • Trademark and CRICOS compliance

The Brand team is your main contact point for all brand queries and brand-related requests. We can supply logos and offer recommendations and information on the correct usage and application of the University of Melbourne brand and logo.

We also assist with advice regarding the University’s brand architecture including creation of official co-brands and unique logos, in consultation with the Brand Panel.

One-off logo and brand requests

Need a University logo for a conference brochure? Running an event in conjunction with other Universities and need a University logo for a banner? Looking for assistance on how to use the University logo within a sponsorship package?

If you are seeking approval for a one-off or short-term use of the University of Melbourne masterbrand/logo (eg for a sponsorship, presentation, report etc), please contact us directly  or visit Sponsorships and brand partners for more information.

New entities, unique logos and co-brand queries

Setting up a new entity within the University? Unsure how to visually represent your entity or activity within the masterbrand strategy or University of Melbourne brand architecture? Want to develop a new logo for an activity or event?

Your first reference point is the Brand Decision Tree.

If you’re still unsure, please contact the Brand team for assistance.

You may be asked to complete a Brand Brief so we can gather more information about your situation. We will consult with you and your stakeholders to ascertain how and where your entity fits into the University's brand architecture and provide a suitable brand solution. This may include advice about appropriate logos and branding, or working with our design, web or multimedia teams to help you develop a unique look and feel for your entity which aligns to the University’s masterbrand strategy.

Brand Brief

The University Brand Panel has strategic oversight of issues associated with the effective management of the University of Melbourne’s brand.

Brand Panel Terms of Reference

The role of the Brand Panel encompasses the development, monitoring and review of principles, policies, procedures, guidelines, standards and strategies with respect to all issues concerning the University of Melbourne’s brand. It makes recommendations and decisions as appropriate, to ensure the integrity of the brand is protected at all times.

This includes:

  1. Aligning the brand with the University’s strategic direction and values.
  2. Approving use of the University logo for official University purposes in accordance with the University Brand Guidelines.
  3. Reviewing and updating Brand Guidelines.
  4. Assessing and approving, if appropriate, use of the University logo and brand materials at variance with the Brand Guidelines.
  5. Approving the use of the University logo and brand materials by third parties (where required).
  6. Recommending changes to the University brand to the Vice-Chancellor for approval by the University Executive.
  7. Taking  action to rectify breaches of policy or address disputes.

Items for submission to the Brand Panel will predominantly focus on brand queries that cannot be resolved through consultation with the Brand team and relevant stakeholders.

Submission to the Brand Panel may occur if:

  • Brand team and client have worked together to come up with a branding solution that requires sign-off by the Brand Panel.
  • A custom solution is needed for the client, and the Brand team is seeking guidance of the Brand Panel.
  • A client disputes the  advice provided by the Brand team and wishes to escalate to the Brand Panel.
  • In each of the circumstances outlined above, the Brand team will liaise closely with the Chancellery Marketing and Communications team to ensure strategic alignment to the University’s masterbrand.

To ensure consistency in decision making, the Brand team records brand decisions for all approved logos and identities, including decisions made by the Brand Panel.

Submitting an item to the Brand Panel

Before an item can be submitted to the Brand Panel, please ensure you have taken the following steps:

  1. Contact the Brand team to discuss your brand query.  They will use the Brand Decision Tree to determine the appropriate branding solution.
  2. If your entity falls within the University's masterbrand, the Brand team will provide support to develop a unique look and feel for your entity which aligns to the University’s masterbrand strategy. This may include working with an external agency if preferred.
  3. If a custom branding solution is needed (for example, official co-brand, unique identity), the Brand team may advise you to submit a Brand Brief to adequately understand your needs and ensure an appropriate solution is developed.
  4. ER will assess the request and accept/decline the application (this may include engagement with Chancellery Marketing and Communications if necessary) and communicate the reasons for the decision back to the client (and submit to the Brand Panel for sign off).

If the client disputes the decision, the issue may be escalated via a submission to the Brand Panel.

In order to submit an item to the Brand Panel, the client must complete the Brand Panel Submission Paper.

This paper requires the client to build a business case and provide details regarding relevant funding arrangements, partners/contractual agreements and data to support the submission (for example, competitor analysis, customer insight, marketing plan etc), as well as a risk analysis and information regarding the potential financial impact.

This submission must be endorsed by the Dean or Head of Department (Level 2 Authority).

Brand Panel Submission Paper

“A trademark is a sign used, or intended to be used, to distinguish goods or services dealt with or provided in the course of trade by a person from goods or services so dealt with or provided by any other person.” (Part 3.17 Trademarks Act No 119 1995 IP Australia, Australian Government).

A trademark is a way of identifying a unique product or service. Trademarks are a way of distinguishing the University’s services or goods from those of other organisations. A trademark can be a logo, word, a combination of words, words and a graphic, or many other combinations.

Examples of official and approved trademarks owned and used by the University include the University crest (logo), the words ‘The University of Melbourne’ and ‘Melbourne University’, the words ‘Melbourne Institute’, the words ‘Melbourne Theatre Company’ and ‘MTC’, the word ‘Pursuit’, the Stem Cells Australia logo, the 3010 Melbourne University Magazine logo, the words ‘The Policy Shop’ and the words ‘Asialink Business’.

Is the University of Melbourne logo trademarked?

The University of Melbourne logo is a formally registered trademark. As a registered trademark, our logo is a valuable asset that must be used correctly to avoid loss or dilution in the market place. The University of Melbourne has a long-standing policy of protecting the symbols that are associated with its name and reputation as one of the best Universities in Australia, and the world. Use of the University of Melbourne trademark on merchandise or in relation to goods and services requires the express permission of the University of Melbourne. This applies to all students, alumni, staff, faculty, manufacturers, retailers, and customers.

What is the University’s trademark?

The logo, devices and typefaces are the primary visual expression of the University of Melbourne brand. They form the basis of the University's brand identity. The logo reflects the heritage and quality of the brand. It comprises the signature logo with the distinctive Victory Wreath of Laurel and Southern Cross in the blue crest. The University of Melbourne motto Postera Crescam Laude ('I shall grow in the esteem of future generations') is displayed in the ribbon device that wraps around the base of the crest. The crest is used in combination with the University of Melbourne word style and the University of Melbourne's blue colour to create a distinctive brand mark of world renown. The crest and word style should never be separated.

When should I apply for a trademark?

The Brand team can provide advice on whether a trademark is required/approved. Legal and Risk can provide advice on the benefits and processes associated with registering a trademark.

Before you decide to adopt use of a trademark, you should consult with the Brand team and have Legal and Risk arrange for a ‘freedom to use’ search, to ensure your mark is available for use and registration.

Registering a trademark with IP Australia will protect the identity of your goods and services, and prevent others from imitating your brand in Australia. Being an Australian trade mark owner makes it easier to apply for the trademark in other countries.

Please contact the Brand team and Legal and Risk prior to registering any trademark associated with the University.

Also refer to the Commercialisation Guidelines.

When you are producing material that includes the University of Melbourne name and logo, please ensure you are familiar with the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000 National Code Part D, Standard 1.

The Act states that, as a provider of education to international students in Australia, the University of Melbourne must comply with the national standards set out in the ESOS Act and associated frameworks. These standards outline that the institution name and CRICOS number must appear on all written marketing and other material for students and prospective students including electronic communications. Failing to comply with the Act can have serious consequences in terms of the University’s self-accreditation.

To ensure compliance, wherever the University of Melbourne logo appears, you should also clearly state the institution CRICOS code (00116K) as follows:

CRICOS Provider Code 00116K

More information can be found on the Australian Government’s International Education website.

If you have any questions or queries about using the brand, please contact the Brand team.